My name is Olena Aksamentna (my last name means “Velvet” if you translate it to English).
I’m proud to be an American with the Ukrainian roots. Ukrainian and European arts are deep in my soul...
“conservative chaos” - this how I can name the style of my art in common. Europe gave me the conservatism and the US brought a freedom to my vision. Interesting, right? Even for me:-)

As an artist, I love to work in 3 dimensions using different media in one art piece. And it is no matter what I’m creating: painting, sculpture or fiber art. I enjoy the creative process and never know exactly what a finished piece will look like when I begin. There is no limit on where inspiration may manifest itself to me... That is the best part of the creative process - responding to the stimuli around you and creating something really unique...

As a crafter, I love to invent, modernize by adding new functions to well known things... you’ll never see a copied from other stores design or item in my shop. And I’m proud of it.

I love: kids, plants, pets.
I like to work with: wool, wood, leather, cotton.
My greatest pleasure - reading feedbacks from my beloved customers.

Thank you for visiting my store.